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Augmented reality display above a real table with a work gesturing towards it
HS2 will be a world class 21st century railway service that embraces new technologies
Augmented reality is used to explore station design and construction.

Innovation in the design and build of HS2 will improve productivity.

Innovating to do more with less and create fewer emissions and noise. We will build a legacy of knowledge, expertise and new commercial opportunities for the UK.

Crane lifts large steel girder into place on a construction site.

[email protected] is HS2’s accelerator programme

Help us embrace new technologies to build a world class railway

We're looking for companies to join us
TV camera crew interviewing a construction worker

Innovating to ensure social distancing on construction sites

The BBC One Show's Tim Peake visited HS2 to learn about the PLINX proximity alarm that stops workers getting too close to each other.

Construction hard hat with ear defenders attached to side.

Find out how HS2 and Eave use innovation to reduce work-related hearing damage, by harnessing the power of data-driven insights.

Find out more about Innovating to prevent occupational deafness in construction