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A51 Tamworth Road temporary lane and footpath closure

Work item: HS2-EW-BBV-Ph1-Ar-No-N2-OTH-5-20/09/2021

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Worksite Name
Type of works
Demolition works
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

We are working closely with Whittington Heath Golf Club to progress the removal of their former clubhouse. We will now commence works to dismantle the building and remove all materials from the site. For the works to be completed in a safe environment we will require a temporary single lane and footpath closure, at this location, along the A51 Tamworth Road.

The temporary single lane closure will be controlled with two-way traffic lights.

We will have clear signage in place to direct members of the public to use the footpath on the other side of the road, during the temporary closure.

During these works our vehicles will use the existing access to the former clubhouse.

When we will do these works
To complete these works safely we will:
• Temporarily close the footpath from 21 October for three months
• Temporarily close a single lane of the A51, Tamworth Road from 21 October for six weeks.

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