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BT Works Welsh Road

Work item: HS2-MW-LM-Ph1-Ar-No-N1-UT-12-03/10/2021

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Type of works
Traffic management
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

Temporary traffic management on Welsh Road
The dates have changed for these works. As part of the Fosse Way highway works, LM are installing utilities off Welsh Road close to the Fosse Way. To enable these works to be carried out safely we will need to install some temporary traffic management as follows:
1 April– ‘Stop and Go’ to facilitate unloading and access to work area
6 April – temporary traffic lights with a lane closure for utility connection works
10 & 11 April – Daytime road closures for utility crossings
Access will still be maintained for households and businesses along the road.

All works are subject to consent, site and weather conditions. Dates may also be subject to change.

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