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Work item: HS2-EW-EK-Ph1-Ar-Ce-C2-CR-20-17/02/2021

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HS2 main works update
We are progressing the HS2 ‘main works’ phase and this update is to provide you with information about the works that you will see taking place in the Calvert and surrounding area. The early works are continuing in the area and EKFB main civil engineering works are underway.
The West Street main works compound has been set up and this provides the offices (pictured bottom right), welfare and material storage for the staff and workforce. The compound on Calvert Road is being set up and this will include a concrete batching plant.
Internal access roads are also being formed to move people and materials from compounds to the various work areas where the new structures such as bridges and underpasses will be formed, keeping vehicles off the local road network.
The activities that will be taking place throughout this year will include the following and further details on these can be found in this update:
• Completion of works compound and setting up a concrete batching plant
• Forming internal access roads including a crossing and temporary bridge across Gawcott road
• Importing aggregates by rail and starting work on structures such as new bridges and culverts
• Starting earthworks activities as well as localised demolitions

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