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Changes to traffic rerouting around Northway Island from Monday 24 May 2021

Work item: HS2-EW-LM-Ph1-Ar-No-N1-Traf-9-05/07/2021

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Solihull, West Midlands
Bickenhill, Marston Green
Type of works
Traffic management
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

We are remodelling and improving sections of the existing road network in the area and creating new routes on HS2 land. These road improvements will ensure that when the future station is operational, the local road network is fit for purpose. Upon completion, a new T-junction will replace Northway Island. A new ‘longabout’ is already in operation outside the Holiday Inn Express NEC, on the way to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC).

To date, we have connected parts of the existing road network to some of the new routes we created, and installed new pedestrian footpaths, kerb lines and central reservations in the area. We started the creation of the new T-junction in April. This programme will continue with some changes to the existing traffic rerouting around Northway Island which commenced on Monday 26 April.

From Monday 24 May, one of the short sections of Northway Island that was closed on Monday 26 April will reopen, whilst the other section remains closed. Depending on your direction of travel, road users will no longer be able to travel around the whole of the Island and you may be redirected from Northway Island, along the B4438, and back.

You will still be able to access all routes, there will just be a short diversion from some parts of Northway Island. Direction of travel along the B4438, A452 and Northway will be unaffected.

These traffic measures will be reviewed around July 2021. We’ll keep you informed of any changes to the direction of travel around Northway Island before they take effect.

We will maintain access to all buildings, businesses and travel routes in the area during this programme.

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