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HS2 Works Notification: Temporary closure of Helmdon Road, Greatworth

Work item: HS2-EW-Fusion -Ph1-Ar-Ce-C3-Traf-20-27/08/2021

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Greatworth, Helmdon
Fusion JV
Type of works
Environmental mitigation works, Road closure
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

Following on from the earlier completed bat surveys we will now be continuing our established programme of bat mitigation.

To enable this to happen safely, we will need to have a full closure of Helmdon Road. This is to allow ecologists to safely observe and where necessary climb roadside trees to check for habitat. Subject to final consents and approvals this will take place daily between Monday 25 October and Friday 29 October 2021, during the hours of 09.30am to 3.30pm.

The road will be open as usual outside of these hours.

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