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Update: start of removal of excavated materials by rail at Willesden Euroterminal site

Work item: HS2 EW SCS Ph1 OOC St S4 Prog works 5 25/06/2021

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Old Oak and North Acton
Old Oak
Type of works
Removal of excavated materials by rail
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

Removal of excavated materials by rail from 29 June
Our Willesden Euroterminal team have been receiving excavated materials from other HS2 sites in the area. We now have enough excavated material on site to start removing it from the area by rail.

The first train will be loaded in the railway sidings in the Willesden Euroterminal site on 28 June. The train will depart from the site on 29 June between 3am and 6am to align with the rail freight timetable. These dates may change.

Initially, there will be one train leaving the site per day. This will increase to two trains a day from late-summer. We will provide further updates to you in advance of this.
Each train removes 73 one-way lorry movements from local roads.

Minimising disruption to you
We have been carrying out rail upgrades and maintenance works to minimise disruption during operation of the rail terminal. The following measures are in place to minimise disruption to you:
• We have replaced the tracks which previously caused a squeaking noise to local residents. Due to the nature of rail movements, we cannot say that the squeaking noise will be stopped completely.
• We will be carrying out regular maintenance and greasing schedule on the railway tracks every month and as required
• Train wagons will be pushed into the site and back out onto the mainline railway sidings in halves. The wagons will then be connected on the main trainline as far from residential properties as possible.

Speak with our local engagement team
You can contact our local engagement team via the HS2 Helpdesk. We are also available to speak with you at monthly virtual one to ones in Old Oak and Park Royal on the following dates:
• Wednesday 30 June, 3pm to 6pm
• Wednesday 28 July, 3pm to 6pm
• Wednesday 25 August, 3pm to 6pm
• Wednesday 29 September, 3pm to 6pm
• Wednesday 27 October, 3pm to 6pm
• Wednesday 24 November, 3pm to 6pm
To register for the next drop-in on 30 June, please visit HS2inOldOak.co.uk

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