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Jobs and skills

At peak construction, 30,000 jobs will be needed to design and build HS2, including at least 2,000 apprenticeships. Once operational, the network will need 3,000 new jobs spread across the country.

Augmented reality display of a station with a controller wearing a headset and gesturing.
Augmented reality displays are helping train the teams that will build stations.

HS2 is happening – creating jobs already

To date, HS2 has supported 15,000 jobs. We’ve announced 22,000 further jobs, with more big contracts and jobs to come.  And, 2,000 businesses have already worked on the project. 95% of contracts are going to UK-based businesses; 60% with small and medium sized businesses (SME) and over 1,000 direct SME contracts.

At peak construction, over 30,000 people will be needed to design and build the railway. Over 500 of the 2,000 expected apprentices are already on board.

Showcasing British talent and ambition

The construction of HS2 will also show the world the very best of British skills, innovation and ambition. The first phase of the project will employ over 22,000 construction workers, specialist engineers, architects, designers and project managers drawn from across the UK and beyond, using cutting edge technology and world-leading construction techniques.

Our strategy for skills, employment and education

We are delivering a programme of skills, education and employment activities to meet the requirements to build the railway and leave a legacy of a highly-skilled and diverse workforce to address challenges faced in the wider transport infrastructure sector. Our Skills, Employment and Education Strategy sets out how we are investing in essential skills.

We want our workforce to be more diverse than ever before as we implement new ways of attracting and selecting candidates based on skills rather than just experience.

Explore the opportunities

Find out more about careers at HS2 Ltd and the HS2 supply chain contract opportunities.

Careers with HS2 Ltd

Whatever your experience or expertise, HS2 Ltd is an outstanding place to start or develop your career. Help us provide much-needed rail capacity across the country and rebalance the UK economy. Visit the HS2 Ltd careers page.

Apprentices and graduates

If you are starting your career find out about our tailored programmes for apprentices and graduates. Visit our Future Talent page.

Supply chain contract opportunities

Find out about the contract opportunities available across our supply chain for businesses of all sizes. Visit our Supply Chain page.

Leaving a lasting skills legacy

We recognise the immense potential offered to the UK economy and future employment opportunities through the legacy that HS2 will create. As such, Skills, Employment and Education is one of our key strategic objectives.

We will also work in partnership with our supply chain to engage young people, promoting transport infrastructure related careers by stimulating interest in science, technology, engineering and maths. Alongside our own Education Programme, this will help to address the estimated annual shortfall of 20,000 engineering graduates in the UK.

We will maximise the skills, employment and educational impact of the HS2 programme, becoming a catalyst for growth across the country.