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Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability and Environment
HS2 will provide sustainable train travel into the next century

Discover more about HS2 sustainability and environment activity

Cleaner construction, the Green Corridor and zero carbon travel contribute to HS2's sustainability.

Birmingham Hoarding

Building a climate-resilient high speed railway

HS2 is being designed and built to serve Britain’s travel needs well into the next century.

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Interchange station: a virtual exhibition

Interchange station: Discover how HS2 is helping to tackle climate change

Discover how HS2 is helping to tackle climate change.

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HS2 and sustainability

Sustainability at HS2 is about delivering social, environmental and economic benefits.

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HS2 and woodlands

HS2 aims to be one of the most environmentally responsible infrastructure projects ever delivered in the UK.

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HS2 and environment facts

Even before HS2 starts operating, there are countless environmental projects and innovations occurring up and down the route to protect.

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HS2 Green Corridor

We are creating a Green Corridor along the spine of the country

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HS2 and the Natural Environment

Our ambition is to design and build the most sustainable high-speed railway in the world, so that we can play our part in helping the UK to tackle climate change, improve air quality and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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