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Application process

Our application process is simple, but robust and effective. It gives you insight into HS2, while giving us the information we need to ensure you’re right for the role.

HS2 Staff working together in the Snow Hill Office.

We advertise every vacancy, to ensure the process is fair and the most suitable person is appointed on merit.

Hints and tips

  • Check our site for appropriate roles and apply or register for alerts
  • Get your CV up-to-date with relevant skills, achievements and contact details
  • Keep your CV to a maximum of 3 pages and provide examples to support your experiences and claims
  • Towards the end of your application, you’ll be asked to complete a short questionnaire that helps us understand whether you share our values
  • For some roles, you’ll be asked to complete additional online assessments
  • To support our commitment to equality and diversity, we would like you to complete a confidential diversity questionnaire

We have taken a number of positive steps towards increasing the number of BAME applicants and staff

Including introducing blind auditioning recruitment.

Interviews and assessments

At interview, you’ll meet people including the hiring manager and a representative from HR.

Our interviews are designed to measure behaviours, skills, knowledge and experience. If you’re selected for an interview, consider how your experience demonstrates your ability to do the job.

For example, we might ask:

  • “Tell us about a time when you…”
  • “Give us an example of a situation where you…”
  • “What would you do to overcome challenges such as…”

It’s likely we’ll also ask you about the HS2 project, and our corporate values.

Sometimes we ask candidates to complete further assessments. This depends on the type of role. We’ll always let you know when the interview is being arranged.

Search and apply

Background and Reference Checking

If you are successful and we offer you a role with HS2, then we will go through a number of background, security and verification checks before you start.

These include: Previous employment verification, education verification, finance checks and a basic check of unspent criminal convictions.

Some roles may require more in depth background checking, but we will discuss this with you during the application process if this is the case.

Contact and Feedback

For careers-related enquiries, please email us at HS2jobs@hs2.org.uk.

For any general enquiries, please see our contact and help page for more information.