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Information and key documents relating to submitting a blight notice and the Express Purchase Scheme.

Submitting a Blight Notice

You can serve a blight notice on the government if you are:

  • an owner-occupier, have a freehold, leasehold of the property or a business lease which has more than 3 years left to run; AND
  • you have been occupying the property for at least 6 months or, if the property is empty, you have occupied it for at least 6 of the last 18 months.

If the government accepts the blight notice it will buy the property at the value it would have been on open market if there were no plans for HS2 and you could receive extra compensation.

Express Purchase

If your property is in safeguarding the government offer an Express Purchase scheme which, if you qualify, relaxes some of the rules that normally apply to statutory blight, making it easier for you to sell your property to the government.

This scheme applies to properties in the surface safeguarding area and Extended Homeowner Protection Zone only.

Statutory Blight and Express Purchase guide and FAQs

For more information about Statutory Blight and our Express Purchase scheme, or to find answers to a number of frequently asked questions, please see the following documents.

  1. Doc
  2. Doc

If you want to submit a Blight Notice to us, please send it to us using one of the following forms alongside a completed Property Information Questionnaire:

  1. Doc
  2. Doc
  3. Doc
  4. Doc

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When it is not possible to reach agreement by direct negotiation, in some cases a case will need to progress through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). If you have successfully served a Blight Notice on HS2 Ltd and are currently considering referring your case to the Upper Lands Tribunal (Lands Chamber) please refer to the following guidance note.

  1. Doc

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