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The rights of land and property owners affected by the London to West Midlands (Phase One) HS2 route who want to recover costs and fees.

These documents offer compensation and rights information for businesses and landowners on the HS2 route from London to the West Midlands (Phase One) about:

  • compulsory purchase, and the context for considering compulsory purchase of land undertaken in the public interest
  • how businesses directly affected the Phase One route will be provided with help to relocate
  • how landowners will be compensated for the acquisition of their land required for the construction and operation of HS2 Phase One
  • agricultural and rural land property matters which will be adopted for Phase One hybrid bill of HS2

If you experience any problems, contact the helpdesk:

HS2 helpdesk

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd
Two Snowhill
Snow Hill Queensway

B4 6GA

The helpdesk team are unable to transfer calls internally to HS2 Ltd members of staff.

HS2 Phase One information papers: property, compensation and funding (series C)

  1. Doc

    Information for property owners (C1)

    • External document,
    • 5 pages
  2. Doc
  3. Doc

    Ground settlement (C3)

    • External document,
    • 37 pages
  4. Doc

    Land acquisition policy (C4)

    • External document,
    • 6 pages
  5. Doc

    Safeguarding (C5)

    • External document,
    • 4 pages
  6. Doc
  7. Doc

    Business relocation (C7)

    • External document,
    • 7 pages
  8. Doc
  9. Doc
  10. Doc

    Small claims scheme (C10)

    • External document,
    • 4 pages
  11. Doc
  12. Doc
  13. Doc

    Site access for surveys (C14)

    • External document,
    • 5 pages

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