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How to complain

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd affects the lives of thousands of people. Our aspiration is to be a good neighbour every single day, by respecting the people and communities we impact.

There may be occasions when people wish to complain about how we are delivering the new high speed railway.

Our success will depend on our ability to listen and act upon the concerns and feedback.

Any expression of unhappiness about the service provided or construction works carried out by or on behalf of HS2 Ltd will be treated as a complaint.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days and we will fully respond within 20 working days.

We will always try and reply sooner if we are able to do so. If we are going to take longer, we will let you know why and when you should expect to receive a full response from us.

If your complaint relates to HS2 construction work, it may require immediate attention.

Our Helpdesk is open all day, every day and can be contacted anytime on our Freephone number 08081 434 434.

To notify us about a complaint please contact our HS2 Helpdesk using the details below:

Email: HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

24/7 Freephone:  08081 434 434

Minicom: 08081 456 472


So that we can assist you as quickly as possible please provide us with the following details:

  • Your name, address and contact details (either telephone or email)
  • Details of your complaint and what you would like to see change
  • Details of any contact or correspondence relating to your complaint or any other evidence you would like us to consider
  • To help us deal effectively with your enquiry, we may have to pass some of your details onto other members of staff, or our contractors

Alternatively you can download, complete and return the Complaints form (PDF, 36KB, 1 page) to us.

The complaints process

The HS2 Ltd Public Response Team will help guide you through the following process.

The complaints process

The HS2 Ltd Public Response Team will help guide you through the following process.

As part of our commitment to you, a dedicated member of the team will become your single point of contact whilst your complaint is being investigated.

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint within the first step of our complaints process. If this is not possible; construction complaints can progress to a second step, while complaints about wider HS2 services can progress through a second, third or fourth step. Learn more about the steps.

The Public Response Team will determine the best way to handle your complaint.

We have found that often the best way is for the team accountable for the issues you have raised to discuss the matter with you, to see if a resolution can be achieved.

If you remain unhappy, or if it is more appropriate in the first instance, a Public Response Manager will work with a relevant director or head of department or service to investigate the concerns.  Together they will provide a response explaining the outcome of any investigation, and, where necessary, any recommendations or action required.

If you remain unhappy please let us know why. We will see if there is anything further we can do to help.

During this process you can ask for your complaint to be independently reviewed. Depending upon the nature of your complaint, it will be reviewed as either a complaint about construction works or a complaint about wider HS2 services.

Complaints about construction works

Your complaint will be referred to the Independent Construction Commissioner. You can contact the Construction Commissioner by emailing complaints@hs2-cc.org.uk. The Construction Commissioner’s role is to mediate and monitor the way in which HS2 Ltd manages and responds to construction complaints.  The Construction Commissioner will carry out an independent review of the case.  Then the Commissioner will advise both parties on the final outcome and what may happen next.

Complaints about wider HS2 services

Your case will be reviewed by a member of the HS2 Ltd senior leadership team not previously involved with your complaint.

The findings of the review will be presented to the Chief Executive for consideration and approval of a full and final response.

Request an independent investigation by the ICA

If you are unhappy with the final response provided, please can you let us know why and what outcome you would like to see.

You can ask for your complaint to be referred to the Department for Transport’s Independent Complaints Assessors (ICA). The ICA’s role is to look at, or identify whether you have been provided with a reasonable service and had your complaint handled appropriately.  The ICA will carry out an independent review of the case and then advise both parties on the outcome.

Request an independent investigation by the PHSO

If you remain dissatisfied after your review by the ICA, you may seek advice from any Member of Parliament and ask them to refer your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO).

About the HS2 independent commissioners

Construction Commissioner

The Construction Commissioner’s role is to mediate and monitor the way in which HS2 Ltd manages and responds to construction complaints.

Residents’ Commissioner

The Residents’ Commissioner holds HS2 accountable to the commitments set out in the Residents’ Charter. The Commissioner does not investigate individual cases or deal with complaints, however she is responsible for monitoring, reporting and advising HS2 on emerging trends and concerns. You can contact the commissioner by emailing residentscommissioner@hs2.org.uk.

If you are unhappy with the conduct of a commissioner you can refer your concerns to the Independent Complaints Assessors.


There are some areas that are exempt from our complaints procedure. This is because there will already be an appropriate alternative mechanism in place to help. This may include, but is not limited to, the matters listed below:

  • Matters that are set out in a contract with HS2 Ltd or its supply chain (for example: a licence for access to land or property)
  • Matters set out in UK law (for example: the process set out for dealing with blight notices)
  • The valuation of a property that is being acquired by HS2 Ltd
  • Matters of compensation payable as a result of compulsory purchase
  • Reviews or appeals about decisions under any of the statutory or discretionary property schemes.

If your complaint is exempt, we will advise you at the time of your complaint and direct you to the most appropriate point of contact.

We will deal with complaints in a respectful manner and we expect the same respect for our workforce in return.

If we consider a person’s behaviour is unreasonable we will be clear why that is the case and ask for the complainant to modify their behaviour. If this behaviour continues, we may consider taking action which could include deciding whether to restrict the person’s contact with us.

After the process has concluded

We will continually learn from the feedback we receive in order to make improvements to the service that we provide. We may contact you after your complaint has been concluded to ask how you felt we handled your complaint.