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CGI of HS2 Old Oak Common station (station approach view)
CGI of HS2 Old Oak Common station (station approach view)

Old Oak Common station – current works

Set to be the best connected and largest new railway station ever built in the UK, Old Oak Common will become one of the country’s most vital transport super hubs. The station is expected to be one of the busiest railway stations in the country with high-speed rail services to the midlands, Scotland and the North and access to central London and Heathrow via the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail).  

Working in partnership with the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC), HS2’s new station will be a catalyst to the UK’s largest regeneration project in the Old Oak and Park Royal area. The planning application for Old Oak Common was approved by the OPDC in May 2020, allowing construction to continue towards the station’s main works.  

The station will have 14 platforms, a mix of six high speed and eight conventional service platforms, with an 850m long station box, big enough to fit 6,300 Routemaster buses inside. 

The new HS2 station will incorporate passenger and retail facilities, providing a high quality and exemplary customer experience for all passengers and visitors to the station. It will provide direct interchange with conventional rail services through eight conventional train platforms, to be served by the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail), taking passengers to Heathrow and Central London, and trains to Wales and the West of England. 

Designs for the station show that the six high-speed platforms will be situated underground with an integrated connection to the adjoining conventional station at ground level via a stylish shared overbridge. A light and airy concourse will link both halves of the station, unified by a vast roof inspired by the site’s industrial heritage. 

You can also find out more information and use our journey planner calculator on our Old Oak Common station page. 

HS2 Old Oak Common station, artist impression
HS2 Old Oak Common station, artist impression

Public space 

To the west of the station, above the HS2 platforms, there will be a new public park, a green space which will welcome visitors to Old Oak Common and provide a new focal point for the growing community. There are also plans to lower and widen Old Oak Common Lane, which will improve access to the station for buses and pedestrians. 

  • Station Square: A new public square will be created immediately outside the station entrance. It will provide an arrival space when approaching from Old Oak Common Lane, and will adjoin the new passenger drop-off, taxi and bus interchange. It will include seating and cycle parking. It could also be the setting for public artwork. 
  • East-West Route: A new road and cycleway is proposed, aligned along the northern edge of the station. When the station opens this will provide access for buses, taxis, drop-off and emergency vehicles. 
  • New Oak Common: To the west of the station, beyond the station square, an extensive area of public space will be accessible to the public. This part of the design will be developed and submitted to OPDC for agreement under Schedule 17 at a future date. This space could comprise of wildflower meadows, wetland habitat and an oak copse. It could be used for temporary activities such as festivals, markets, play spaces and art works.
  • Future development site: An area immediately to the southwest of the proposed station has been identified for commercial development. During construction, this area will be used by the contractor for storage and providing temporary site accommodation. It is anticipated the commercial development of this site will start once the station has been completed.