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Wormwood Scrubs

To help build the new HS2 Old Oak Common railway station, our construction partner, BBVS, have moved utility cables and a sewer.

A lot of the activity has been completed, , but some work will continue until 2024.

The work will consist of:

  •  Under Track Crossing utility diversion – BBVS will divert the utility cables under the existing Great Western mainline railway in the west corner of the scrubs. This diversion is needed to allow us to lower Old Oak Common Lane that is planned in the future.
  •  Sewer diversion – BBVS will be diverting an existing large sewer (Stamford Brook sewer) that serves the local area from the Old Oak Common Station site to the northern part of Wormwood Scrubs. This needs to happen to dig out the foundations of the station.

What’s happening at the moment?

HS2 have been working closely with both Hammersmith & Fulham and Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) on developing the access route for the sewer diversion work.

The council submitted their planning application to OPDC for the alternative access from Old Oak Common Lane which was approved. HS2 and our partner contractor, BBVS, have created access to the two worksites on Wormwood Scrubs. Whilst these access routes are being created, we will continue to access the sites via the maintenance route off Braybrook

Vegetation clearance has taken place, we will be to the next phase of works shortly.

What people will see on Wormwood Scrubs

Utility diversion site –  This work site is found in the far northwest of the Scrubs close to Old Oak Common Lane and access will be gained for work vehicles from Old Oak Common Lane and will continue until 2024.

Sewer diversion site –  This site is found to the north of the Scrubs close to the existing railway lines. Access will now be gained from Old Oak Common Lane.

Hammersmith & Fulham’s masterplan for Wormwood Scrubs

Hammersmith & Fulham are developing a masterplan   that will improve the

Scrubs allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of exercise and relaxation.

Ongoing engagement about the work at Wormwood Scrubs

We will provide ongoing information both online and information notices delivered to the local community over the coming weeks to provide as much information as we can along with a variety of engagement opportunities such as virtual one-to-ones.