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Where we go

Explore the railway that will help connect and re-balance the country
HS2 will serve over 25 existing and new stations across the UK.

Where we go

HS2 will serve over 25 stations across the UK. Use our route map, journey planner and station picker to find out where we go.

Which stations will HS2 trains serve?

Based on current indicative train service specification. Final HS2 timetable subject to revision and consultation.

Serving Britain’s largest cities and bringing extra capacity to their regions.

The new HS2 high speed line will provide fast, frequent and reliable connections between 8 out of Britain’s 10 largest cities and their regions: Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

HS2 journey planner

Discover how HS2 will transform your journey

HS2 by phase

Phase One (London to Birmingham)

HS2 will serve 4 brand new stations. Curzon Street and Interchange in the West Midlands and Old Oak Common and Euston in London.

Phase 2a (West Midlands to Crewe)

Phase 2a is a short section linking up Phase One to Crewe, enabling HS2 trains to travel on the existing network to stations in the North.

Phase 2b (West Midlands to Leeds and Crewe to Manchester)

Phase 2b will see a new station built in the East Midlands and trains serving revamped stations in Manchester, Leeds and beyond.

In your area map

Find information about HS2 works taking place in your area.

In your area map