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A new high-speed rail network, connecting North and South
HS2 will serve existing and new stations across the UK.

Where we go

HS2 trains will serve more than 25 stations and will connect 8 of Britain’s 10 largest cities. Use our station guide to learn more. Explore the route with our interactive map.

Curzon Street station designs at dusk.

Which stations will HS2 trains serve?

Based on current indicative train service specification. Final HS2 timetable subject to revision and consultation.

Route map

The interactive route map shows the route, phases and stations HS2 will deliver

Interactive route map
  • Integrating

    HS2 trains will serve towns and cities on the East and West Coast Main Lines after leaving the dedicated high speed line.

  • Connecting

    HS2 trains will serve over 25 stations connecting around 30 million people.

  • Bringing people together

    HS2 will help bridge the North-South divide and deliver a more united and cohesive economy.

Serving Britain’s largest cities and their regions.

The new HS2 high speed line will provide fast, frequent and reliable connections between 8 out of Britain’s 10 largest cities and their regions: Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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