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HS2's vision is to be a catalyst for growth across Britain
Arial view of the design vision for Curzon Street station.

Why HS2?

HS2 trains will serve over 25 stations connecting around 30 million people. That’s almost half the population.

Benefits at a glance

  • HS2 will form the backbone of our rail network

    It will free up space on our existing railways for more commuter, regional and freight services.

    Improving your journey

  • HS2 will directly connect 8 of 10 of Britain’s largest cities

    HS2 trains will serve over 25 stations connecting around 30 million people. That's almost half the population.

    Where we go

  • HS2 is an investment in Britain’s future

    HS2 will bring over £92 billion of benefits. For every £1 spent on HS2 the UK will receive £2.30 in benefits. Learn more about these.

    Investing in our economy

  • HS2 will create 30,000 jobs

    That's just building it. 3,000 more will run it. 70% of jobs will be outside London and at least 2,000 new apprenticeships will be created.


  • Our design will put people first

    Our design approach will give passengers, workers and communities more choice, flexibility, reliability, comfort and accessibility.

    Design vision

  • HS2 will treat local communities with respect

    Strict standards will limit noise, air pollution and traffic congestion. £40m will be given to boost local communities.

    In your area

  • The environment

    HS2 will conserve, replace or enhance wildlife habitats and green spaces. It will create a green corridor along its route.

    The environment and sustainability

  • HS2 will be a catalyst for economic growth

    Faster and easier travel between Britain’s economic hubs will better connect industries and help bridge the North-South divide.

    Investing in our economy

Realising the potential

For rail passengers, HS2 services must raise the bar for excellence in transport, providing world class levels of reliability, comfort and customer experience.

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