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Colne Valley Construction Update, Autumn 2020 – Spring 2021

Work item: HS2-EWAlign-Ph1-Ar-Ce-C2-Traf-10-18/11/2020

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Hillingdon
Colne Valley, Denham
Align JV
Type of works
Estimated Start Date
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Work item details

Building the Colne Valley Viaduct The HS2 railway route will run from London Euston to Birmingham and will pass through South Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire having come over the Colne Valley lakes and the A412 Denham Way on a viaduct.  The railway will then go into a cutting at the South Portal just to the south of Chalfont Lane at West Hyde, before entering the Chiltern Tunnel under the M25.

The Colne Valley Viaduct is one of the key design elements of the railway line. In 2018 and 2019 we presented the design for the viaduct at community events across the Colne Valley, including at the Maple Cross Club in Longcroft Road.

We will be working in these areas, subject to the relevant consents and approvals being obtained:

At the South Portal, West Hyde:

Earthworks and drainage works Building concrete batching plants for the viaduct segments Tilehouse Lane re-alignment for the creation of the New Tilehouse Lane overbridge

In the Colne Valley, and across the lakes:

  • Building temporary haul roads, with retaining walls where required, to support viaduct construction and take our Heavy
  • Goods Vehicles (HGVs) off local roads.
  • Setting up site compounds adjacent to Moorhall Road, Denham Waterski Club and North Embankment with welfare and storage for our future works, and temporary stockpiles.
  • Piling works at Denham Water Ski Club and the North Embankment. These will help continue to develop our understanding of the ground conditions.
  • Continued ground investigations and lake surveys at Korda and Savay Lake. These will require extended working hours.
  • Diverting water and electric utilities ahead of other construction activities taking place.

These works will be completed in a way to avoid impact on local utility supplies to residents and businesses.

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