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Notice of night works at West Ruislip

Work item: HS2-EWSCS-Ph1-Ar-So-S2-OTH-3-23/09/2021

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Worksite Name
West Ruislip
Type of works
Cement pours, Excavation works
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

What we are doing
From 25 October 2021, we will start excavation works to prepare the base of the railway tunnels in the area shown on the map overleaf. We will be excavating the earth to prepare the area for the launch of the Tunnel Boring Machines and the creation of the portal area.  The earth excavated from this area will be stored temporarily at the golf course driving range. This stockpiled earth will then be used to landscape the area around the tunnels and the tunnel entrances once the construction works have been completed.

Excavation of area and placement on temporary storage area
• These works will take place in two shifts, as shown in the blue panel. This activity is needed to prepare the area for the concrete pours before the cold weather.

Continuous cement pour
• Two periods of fifty hours continuous pour of concrete is required to build two base slabs for the portal structure. The pour has to be continuous so that there is no loss to the
structural integrity of the building.

The area of activity is shown on the map overleaf.

Work mitigation

We will:
• Continue to monitor sound levels both inside and outside our site compound
• Carry out attended monitoring for the first two weeks to ensure noise and vibration levels are within our required limits
• Steel fixing works will only be done at the very bottom of the excavation at 11 meters below ground level
• Where possible, acoustic covers and blankets will be used
• Cutting and welding will only be carried out during the day (8am to 6pm)
• Dust mist cannons will surround the working areas
• Lighting will face away from residential properties.

We would like to apologise in advance for any disruption or inconvenience this may cause. Every effort is being taken to ensure that these works are carried out in the least impactful way. We will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our engagement team will be available to discuss these works with the local community in the following ways:
– A presentation will be available on the HS2 in Hillingdon website page
– Staff will be available at The Greenway near the U81 footpath on the 19th of October between 4pm and 6pm, and 21st of October between 1pm and 3pm

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