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Update: Notice of closures at Breakspear Road South

Work item: HS2-EW-SCS-Ph1-Ar-So-S2-Traf-50-02/05/2021

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Project Phase
Phase 1
Type of works
Road closure, Traffic management
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Work item details

What we are doing
This is an update to a previous notification sent in February 2021.  The previous notification stated that we needed a lane closure until the 19 March. However, we will require additional time to complete these works.  The work will be extended by one week and additionally we will require a night time full road closure on 29 March. This is to ensure that the installation of traffic barriers and bell mouth access can be carried out safely.

We are trying to reduce the number of lorries using local roads. To this end we are continuing to set up a crossing point for our internal haul road across Breakspear Road South.  To ensure that this area is ready for our future works we will need to construct wider junctions. These bell-mouth junctions make it easier for lorries to negotiate turns and ensure that they do not enter the opposite carriageways. We will also secure stronger verges, erect hoarding and carry out modifications to the pedestrian footways and crossings.

A breakdown of these closures is below:

22 March to 29 March 2021 -Lane Closure
29 March 2021 – Night Road Closure

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