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Update: Notice of lane closure at Harvil Road

Work item: HS2-EW-SCS-Ph1-Ar-So-S2-UT-12-19/03/2021_02

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Harvil Road
Type of works
Lane closure, Utility works / surveys
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date

Work item details

What we are doing
We wrote to you in April to advise that we would be carrying out utility works from 17 May to 30 September and over two weekends. However, additional weekend working will be required. We hope to reduce the overall duration of the lane closure by working additional weekends.

From 17 May 2021, we will be carrying out utility surveys and utility connection along Harvil Road as part of the road realignment works.  Temporary traffic management and lane closures will be required to ensure these works can be carried out safely.

We will work during off peak hours and out of hours where possible to minimise disruption.  We do not expect your service to be interrupted however the utility company concerned will provide pre-notification to affected households if an interruption becomes necessary.

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