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Works in Euston Approaches – map, presentation, fact sheets and Q&As

Work item: Key HS2inCamden documents

Work Item Summary

Project Phase
Phase 1
Camden, Hampstead Road, Harrington Square, Harrington Street, Mornington Crescent, Mornington Terrace, Park Village East, Parkway, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park Estate, Stanhope Street
Type of works
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Work item details

Euston Approaches works information.

Please see below the links to the following information related to works in the Euston Approaches area:

  • SCS Euston Approaches Newsletter – September 2021.
  • Map of various work sites in the Euston Approaches.
  • Presentation of works in the Euston Approaches
  • Tunneling and excavations frequently asked questions.
  • Piling works noise and vibration fact sheet.
  • Noise and vibration fact sheet.
  • Use of generators frequently asked questions.

For information about large load deliveries to our worksites, please follow this link.

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