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HS2 in Warwickshire

HS2 in Warwickshire
Finham Brook Mitigation Site, Warwickshire

Find out what HS2 means for Warwickshire

Sections of both Phase One and Phase 2b of HS2 will pass through Warwickshire, using a variety of structures including viaducts and tunnels, designed to minimise our impact on the area.

Phase One of HS2, between London and the West Midlands, is under construction, while plans for Phase 2b, from the West Midlands to the North of England will be considered by Parliament in future.

The southern section of HS2 in Warwickshire includes two viaducts in the Radbourne area, before passing Southam and entering a tunnel underneath Long Itchington Wood.  The route travels on viaducts over the River Itchen and the Oxford Canal as it continues through the county.

HS2 then travels north-west of Bascote Heath, including past Offchurch and Cubbington. The route also passes through Burton Green, in a ‘green tunnel’ designed to minimise our impact on the area, before moving on towards the state-of-the-art Interchange Station over the border in Solihull.

After Interchange Station, the North Warwickshire section passes to the west of Coleshill, as it crosses the M6 and M42 motorways, towards what is known as the ‘Delta Junction’ near Water Orton. The Delta Junction area of the route consists of three sections, comprising the main line of the railway, and two spurs running in and out of Birmingham City Centre towards Curzon Street Station – the heart of the HS2 network.

Further north of the junction, the route passes through Lea Marston where it splits to join the Phase 2b route in a north- easterly direction past Kingsbury. The Phase One line continues north, past Middleton, where it leaves the county.

Benefits at a glance

  • Capacity - HS2 will form the backbone of our rail network

    Providing much-needed rail capacity across the country, and and integrating with rail projects in the North and Midlands.

  • Connectivity - HS2 will help level-up the country

    By offering better connections HS2 will help spread jobs and opportunity around the country, driving regeneration.

  • Carbon - HS2 will be the low carbon option for long distance travel

    HS2 will build sustainable, climate-resilient transport infrastructure and cut carbon emissions from the UK transport sector.

What we're delivering in Warwickshire

  • Construction

    HS2 Ltd has appointed joint venture Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV) to deliver civil engineering works across a 90km section of the Phase One route, which will run from Long Itchington in Warwickshire. to Birmingham Curzon Street station.

  • Supply Chain

    More than 150 businesses working on HS2 already are located within Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. Over three-quarters of these businesses are SMEs.

  • Community Fund

    In and around Banbury and Brackley, 15 CEF projects worth more than £710,000 have already been awarded.

Oxford Canal viaduct

We have revealed the first images of the Oxford Canal viaduct and are seeking views from the local community about the design of the viaduct

Water Orton viaducts

The viaducts will be located in Water Orton, east of the M42 and Lichfield Road, and will carry the new HS2 track over the River Tame.

Bromford tunnel

HS2 is developing a more detailed design for Bromford tunnel following the appointment of its main works contractors.

Canley Brook

The viaduct being built over Canley Brook, will now only need an 80m diversion, rather than the 700 metres in the original design. 

Possession orders in Warwickshire

Information about HS2 Ltd’s claim for possession and injunction to prevent protestors trespassing on HS2’s sites in Warwickshire.

Burton Green tunnel

A joint venture between Balfour Beatty and Vinci (BBV) will be delivering some of the main construction work in the greater West Midlands.

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Three month construction look ahead

Autumn 2021