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Apply for property assistance schemes


If your land or property is affected by the construction or operation of HS2, there’s help available. Our property schemes provide that help. Each scheme is based on how close you are to the line, and how you are being affected. Click on the tabs below for more information about each scheme and to see which of these schemes apply to you.

You can also see our Guide to Property Schemes, which provides a general overview of the schemes available in your area. If you are not sure which Phase of HS2 you are closest too, please contact our HS2 Helpdesk.

Infographic providing an overview of the property schemes.
Different property schemes available near the line of route. Not all schemes are open yet, please read our property scheme guides to find out more.

Express Purchase

Our Express Purchase offer relaxes some of the rules that normally apply to statutory blight, making it easier for owner-occupiers to sell their property to the Government.

This scheme applies to properties in the surface safeguarding area.

For more information visit our dedicated Express Purchase page.

Rural Support Zone

The Rural Support Zone (RSZ) is the area outside the safeguarded area, which is typically up to 120 metres from the centre line of the HS2 railway in rural areas.

In the RSZ there is the choice of 2 discretionary schemes – a Cash Offer or the Voluntary Purchase Scheme.

For more information visit our dedicated RSZ page.

Homeowner Payment

The Homeowner Payment Scheme (HOP) is the area outside the safeguarded area, which is typically between 120 and 300 metres from the centre line of the HS2 railway in rural areas.

Eligible properties in this scheme receive one-time cash payments varying in value depending on the distance from the centre line of the HS2 railway.

For more information visit our dedicated Homeowner Payment scheme page.

Need to Sell

This scheme is available to owner-occupiers who can show that they have a ‘compelling reason’ to sell their property, but have been unable to do so (other than at a greatly reduced price) as a direct result of the announcement of the route of HS2.

You can find out more about the Need to Sell (NTS) scheme on our dedicated page.

Rent Back

Renting back is a way of continuing to live in your home, having sold it to the Government under an HS2 property scheme. All homes that the Government agrees to buy can be considered for Rent Back, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

If you wish to discuss this, please speak to your HS2 contact. For more information read our guidance on the Rent Back Scheme.

Special circumstances and atypical properties

The government recognises that there may be some residents and businesses near the HS2 route who need assistance despite not meeting the strict eligibility requirements of the HS2 property schemes. This assistance could include the government buying their property, making a payment, or providing some other form of support that would not normally be offered. The government is willing to consider these types of cases, which involve special circumstances or ‘atypical’ properties, on their individual merits.

For more information please read our guide to special circumstances or atypical properties.

 Alternatively, you can contact our HS2 Helpdesk at any time.

Shimmer Estate

The Shimmer Estate is located in Mexborough, a town situated part way between Rotherham and Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Due to the unique impact at this location, on 29th June 2017, a Cash Offer Scheme was announced for owner-occupiers who live on the Shimmer Estate. If you are an owner-occupier on the Shimmer Estate and want to find out more about this scheme and to see if you are eligible, please view the guidance document.